Two Sparrows Farm LLC- Herd Sharing to obtaining raw milk 
 At Two Sparrows Farm we believe in stewarding creation - from our bodies, to our land and our animals. We are a grass-based livestock farm & micro-dairy producing healthy, humane and sustainably-produced food that is free of GMO's, synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics.
Providing A2 bloodline dairy for Herd Sharing to obtain your raw milk.
Delivery location are for milk pick up in parking lots/ business let us use the lots they have nothing to do with your Herd Share
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This site if for delivery for Southern Michigan
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What is a Herd Share-
When the consumers pay a farmer a fee for boarding their cow ( or share of the cow) caring for the cow and milking the cow. The herd share owner then obtains (but does not purchase) the milk from his own cow share or known as a herd share. Two Sparrows Farm also will bottle your milk and have it delivered to one of the delivery locations. With being a member of the Herd Share you have responsibilities to obtain milk every week or pay a boarding fee. The cost of the milk will include boarding, milking, bottling and delivery. Also as a member you must pick up your milk on the day you scheduled it. You will need sign a legal contract before any service can be provided.
 Dan and Whitney Belprex owner of Two Sparrows Farm 
Herd Share fees:
You will be charged a $5.00 set up fee for the electronic contract, a one time fee. Herd Share fees is $60 due yearly- all contract are renewed at the end of the year for the new year. If you come in after you will pay $5 for every month remaining of the year.
Milk is $12.50 a gallon you can obtain up to 5 milks per share. per week. Sharing of shares are not permitted. We will allow someone else to pick up your milk for you.
 Keeping the milk cold is important in keeping the freshness of the milk. Recommend bringing ice and keeping the milk at 35 degrees. 
The milk is tested for bacteria. Selling of raw milk is illegal and you must be part of the herd share to obtain raw milk.
Jenny Samuelson handles ALL Southern Michigan deliveries.