Woodside Meadows Farm Herd Shares-Raw Milk


Welcome and thank you for your interest in raw milk.
My name is Jenny Samuelson and I handle two separate farms for you to be able to obtain raw milk.
Neither of the farms are connected, you will need to sign a contract with one of the farms to obtain raw milk. 

In the header there is two different pages for each farm. 
You will belong only to one farm. 
Both farm are currently accepting new members.

I handle all of the contract, payment and delivery. I am not the farmer. 
I have been delivering raw milk over 18 years.

On each page you can read information about them and the delivery locations for that farm.
Both farms are 100% Grass Fed and at one time where organic certified, now just follow organic practice.

Only thing we are selling is a Herd Share so you can obtain your milk from the Herd.
You must be able to pick up your milk from a location listed at the time indicated for that farm you belong to. 
None of the business lots we use are associated with the farms or the delivery service.

If your milk is not picked up, you are responsible for all cost on what you ordered. 
This is not my milk; this is your milk.

Herd Share are a legal way to obtain raw milk in the State of Michigan. 
We don't sell raw milk you, obtain raw milk from your ownership.

As a member you will sign a legal contract 
understanding the risk of raw milk and your responsibility as a member. 

This is your milk and your responsibility to place orders on time. 
and pick up your order at the delivery location you choose from the farm you have joined. 

Milk must be obtained every other week, or you are charged a boarding fee. 
Please read your contract through as a member you have responsibilities.

Raw milk is perishable item.
Please always keep raw milk cold on ice, it is brought to you at 35 degrees,
 keep it at 35 degrees and it will stay fresh the longest for you.

It is up to you to educate yourself on raw milk and the risk. 
You can learn more from